HRR19: Things That Make You Go ‘Ahhh!

On the right, Mahé Drysdale, the reigning Olympic Men’s Single Sculls Champion, with a proud father, a stoical baby, and the Grand Challenge Cup.

10 July 2019

By Tim Koch

No kittens or puppies were rowing at Henley, so Tim Koch had to settle for pictures of humans doing endearing things.

It will take a few days before I find the time and energy to form the 1,000 pictures that I took at Henley into posts that meet HTBS standards. In order to placate those who are impatient for these, here are some images that may make them feel warm and fuzzy.

This young girl can teach some of her elders about elegance.
Ladies love a rowing man (even when he was knocked out in the first round).
A little supporter of the Chinese crew that won the Princess Grace Challenge Cup.
Greeting the victorious Princess Grace crew as they come ashore after the final.
I can help!
Here you are.
Thanks from a grateful crew.


  1. Further to the comment by ‘littleshipclub’, the baby in the Grand Challenge Cup should have had a hard hat, the girl in the red dress should have worn a high-viz vest, and the kissing couple should have used gum shields and safety glasses.

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