Mara Keggi Ford Steps Down as Head of NRF

30 January 2019

By Göran R Buckhorn

Mara Keggi Ford

Last Friday, 25 January, the National Rowing Foundation (NRF) announced that Executive Director Mara Keggi Ford will step down, effective February 1. Associate Director Tracy Brown will serve as Interim Executive Director after Ford’s departure.

Mara Keggi Ford, who joined the organisation in 2009 and was appointed new head for the NRF in January 2018, has overseen a tremendous growth of the organisation.

‘Making this decision to step aside now was incredibly difficult, but I feel that my work here has positioned the organization to launch into a new level of engagement with our USA athletes and the donors that support our National Team,’ Ford said in a statement. ‘The NRF is strong and vibrant, and I leave knowing the organization is in great hands with our talented and engaged Board and staff. I look forward to staying involved with the NRF as a National Team/Olympian alumna.’

‘The Board is thankful for Mara’s many years of service and leadership,’ said Marcia Hooper, NRF Co-Chair. ‘We understand and support Mara’s decision and are grateful for her many accomplishments. I am confident that working with Tracy Brown, as our Interim Executive Director, alongside the NRF leadership team and the Board, the NRF will enjoy continued success in the future.’

Jamie Koven, Co-Chair, said: ‘I know that I speak for many when I say that Mara will truly be missed. Her tireless work on behalf of our National Team made a difference for nearly a decade of athletes and her contributions will carry the organisation into the future.’

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