Finalists for 2017 World Rowing Awards

15 November 2017

In a press release (FISA) announces the finalists for 2017 World Rowing Awards:

Success at this year’s World Rowing Championships in the United States and success throughout the season helped determine the finalists for the 2017 World Rowing Awards.

Public nomination drew over 1,000 submissions for this year’s awards. The public nominations then went to the World Rowing Federation’s Council to select the finalists. The finalists demonstrate a wide mix of nations.

Finalists for the 2017 World Rowing Female Crew of the Year

  • Asja Maregotto, Paola Piazzolla, Federica Cesarini, Giovanna Schettino (Italy) Lightweight Women’s Quadruple Sculls
  • Milda Valciukaite, Ieva Adomaviciute (Lithuania) Women’s Double Sculls
  • Olivia van Rooijen, Inge Janssen, Sophie Souwer, Nicole Beukers, (the Netherlands) Women’s Quadruple Sculls
  • Ioana Vrinceanu, Viviana-Iuliana Bejinariu, Mihaela Petrila, Iuliana Popa, Madalina Beres, Denisa Tilvescu, Adelina Bogus, Laura Oprea, Daniela Druncea (coxswain) (Romania) Women’s Eight
  • Kirsten McCann (South Africa) Lightweight Women’s Single Sculls
  • Jeannine Gmelin (Switzerland) Women’s Single Sculls

Finalists for 2017 World Rowing Male Crew of the Year

  • Joshua Hicks, Spencer Turrin, Jack Hargreaves, Alexander Hill (Australia) Men’s Four
  • Ondrej Synek (Czech Republic) Men’s Single Sculls
  • Pierre Houin, Jeremie Azou (France) Lightweight Men’s Double Sculls
  • Johannes Weissenfeld, Felix Wimberger, Maximilian Planer, Torben Johannesen, Jakob Schneider, Malte Jakschik, Richard Schmidt, Hannes Ocik, Martin Sauer (coxswain) (Germany) Men’s Eight
  • Matteo Lodo, Giuseppe Vicino (Italy) Men’s Pair

Finalists for 2017 World Rowing Para Crew of the Year

  • Erik Horrie (Australia) Para PR1 Men’s Single Sculls
  • Diana Barcelos de Oliveira, Jairo Klug (Brazil) Para PR3 Mixed Double Sculls
  • Annika van der Meer, Corne de Koning (the Netherlands) Para PR2 Mixed Double Sculls
  • Birgit Skarstein (Norway) Para PR1 Women’s Single Sculls

Finalists for 2017 Coach of the Year

  • Alexis Besancon (France)
  • Dominic Casey (Ireland)
  • Francesco Cattaneo (Italy)
  • Josy Verdonkschot (the Netherlands)
  • Antonio Colamonici (Romania)

Finalists for 2017 World Rowing Distinguished Services to International Rowing

  • John Boultbee (Australia)
  • Morten Espersen (Denmark)
  • Jürgen Gröbler (Great Britain)
  • Dominic Casey (Ireland)
  • Nicholas Ee (Singapore)

The award winners will be announced on Friday, 8 December 2017. The winners will then be honoured that same day at a gala dinner during the 2017 World Rowing Coaches Conference in London, Great Britain.

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