Fullers Head of the River Fours: The View from the Bridge

Keeping warm while boating for the Fours Head. Copyright: Angus Thomas/WEROW.

16 November 2017

Tim Koch finds some great pictures of the Fours Head.

As I admitted at the time, my recent collection of pictures of the Fullers Head of the River Fours lacked any images of the top women’s crews. Though it was never my intention to provide a comprehensive photographic report, rather I was aiming to capture the atmosphere of the occasion, this was an unfortunate omission. However, photographer Angus Thomas has put a large number of his pictures of the day online and he has managed to include a diverse selection of the crews that took part. Generously, he says:

Please feel free to download and share these watermarked images from the Fullers Head of the River Fours 2017. All we ask is that you share them with the world and credit us where possible! Copyright remains with Angus Thomas/WEROW.

In the Women’s quads, the top Leander Club boat won comfortably by over twenty seconds despite breaking a blade on the way to the start and having to borrow a set. Copyright: Angus Thomas/WEROW.

Angus runs WEROW Life, formerly called Rowing Classifieds, a set-up that HTBS reported on in July. Despite the name change, WEROW Life remains:

a digital marketplace for rowers and scullers to buy, sell and trade with each other… Alongside classified advertising, we are offering original photography and journalism including athlete profiles and technical articles…

Molesey’s W4x- Band 1 Crew. Copyright: Angus Thomas/WEROW.

Angus’ racing images from Hammersmith Bridge are here and his pictures of boating from Putney are here.

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