The Gay Scullers

26 March 2017

Here is Philip Kuepper’s take on Tim Koch’s article about Lyendecker’s art.

Born athletes,
they had met
at college where they had rowed.
There they had forged
a friendship that had morphed
into a partnership,
for life, they hoped.

Weekends they rowed, still,
a way to let go
the pressures of the weeks.
The law, and brokering
deals for clients
challenged them mentally.
Their sculls were a way of relaxing.

They rowed singles,
side-by-side, at their ease,
or would challenge one another,
competitively, mostly in fun,
but not always.  On occasion,
each liked besting the other.
It was their way of arm wrestling,
the loser standing the winner a beer,
and earning bragging rights;
being best buddies together,
a buddyship underwritten by love.

Their one regret?
(Now and then, one or the other of them
would flash forward in his mind,
and see them as old men
toward the end.)
To be young again,
to relive every minute
of their being together.

Philip Kuepper
(18 March 2016)

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