The 2016 Boat Races on HTBS

A new tradition: Oxford's winning women tossed in their cox, Morgan Baynam-Williams, at the same time as Cambridge men tossed in their cox, Ian Middleton. Photo: Tim Koch.6 April 2016

Never before has HTBS had so many articles and posts published about the Boat Races on its website as we had for this year’s races. In case you missed any of the articles, below you will find links to all of them. Happy reading!

23 October 2015
Tim Koch: Boat Race Day 2016: Now We Are Four

Pic 2. ‘Don’t bother coming down – another race will be along in a minute’. Actually these are Boat Race supporters on Putney Embankment in 1928 – when there was only one race to watch and the police were not concerned with health and safety.

12 December 2015
Tim Koch: Bluestockings: The 2016 Women’s Boat Race Trial Eights


15 December 2015
Chris Dodd: Cox and Box on the Tideway

Cambridge Hammersmith

20 January 2016
Tim Koch: Rebranding The Boat Race

Pic 1. When Hugh Laurie (and seven others) rowed for Cambridge in 1980, it was the fourth time that the race had been sponsored. This picture must have taken during training as, until 2012, the sponsor’s name or logo (in this case Ladbrokes) was not displayed on kit or equipment during the race itself.

2 March 2016
Chris Dodd: A Good Steer on the Tideway


3 March 2016
Tim Koch: ‘You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat’: The 2016 Boat Race Weigh-in

Pic 5a. These Girls Can. The 2016 Women’s Boat Race crews.

23 March 2016
Tim Koch: Countdown to The Boat Races: It’s Tideway Week

Pic 5. The Oxford women battle it out along Corney Reach.

25 March 2016
Tim Koch: Tideway Week: Images from Thursday

Pic 7. The return journey – upstream of Hammersmith.

26 March 2016
Tim Koch: Tideway Week: Very Good Friday

Pic 11. OUWBC Cox Morgan Baynam-Williams.

26 March 2016
Tim Koch: Very Old Blues: Sixteen Decades of Boat Race Crews

2008 - Oxford.

26 March 2016
Tim Koch: Tideway Week: That Saturday Feeling

In Thames Rowing Club launch number 007 – it’s Baker, Rob Baker.

27 March 2016
Chris Dodd: Cambridge by a Smile

BR 16 2

28 March 2016
Tim Koch: Having a Swell Time

Around Chiswick Steps, Oxford lead Cambridge, the Dark Blues coping with the conditions much better than their opposition. Photo: Tim Koch.

28 March 2016
Clive Radley: BBC Trivialised Its Boat Race Coverage

Presenter Helen Skelton did not have an easy job handling comedian Seann Walsh, whose rude comments on air upset many viewers and created many angry Tweets.

29 March 2016
Clive Radley: My Day at the 2016 Boat Races

Women’s Race Hammersmith – Oxford in front

30 March 2016
Göran R Buckhorn/John Wiggins: The 1976 Oxford Record Crew

John in 1976: ‘When I grow up, I’m going to have a beard’.

31 March 2016
Hélène Rémond: ‘The Boat Race is a little bit my own Olympic Games’

Myriam 25 03 16 6

1 April 2016
Tim Koch: The BBC’s Boat Race Broadcast: Credit where it’s Due

The first television broadcast of the Boat Race was in 1938. This shows a TV camera in action in 1949.

2 April 2016
Tim Koch: The 1970s: The Decade That Style Forgot

Oxford 1978. T J Sutton (Bow), R A Crockford, J R Crawford, NB Rankov, M M Moran, A W Shealy, J W Wood, A G Michelmore (Stroke), J Fail (Cox).

3 April 2016
Tim Koch: The Women’s Boat Race: The Calm Before The Storm

Pic 4. The coin toss for stations. On the far left is Helena Morrissey, CEO of Newton Investment Management and one of the prime movers towards parity between the men’s and women’s races. On her left is David Searle, one of the Executive Directors of the Boat Race Company Ltd (and a Cambridge Blue). On David’s left is the Women’s Race Umpire, Rob Clegg. On the right, with the microphone, is Barry Davies, veteran sports commentator and ‘Voice of the Boat Race’ between 1993 and 2004. Oxford won the toss and chose Surrey.

4 April 2016
Tim Koch: As Ye Row, So Shall Ye Reap: The Biblical Boat Race

Christine and Matthew

5 April 2015
Tim Koch: Compare & Contrast: A Final Look at the 2016 Boat Races

Pic 14. 1984

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