The Rower’s Palette

sari robed womenA tiara of women stood
on the bridge that curved
like a crescent over the river
watching the rowers
effort forward their sculls
on the sapphire colored river;

a tiara of women,
in orange, saffron, rose,
the shade of blush one sees
on the sky’s cheek at dawn.
They cheered the women
rowing the sapphire river,

women in rhythmic synch
oaring their sculls
with concentrated thought,
shooting beneath the curved
bridge on which the saris flamed.

Like flames they appeared
when the sari-robed women cheered
the women rowing the sapphire
river, all flowing
into a dazzle
of swirling colors.

Philip Kuepper
23 April 2015

One comment

  1. Phillip, such a Lovely poem.
    I feel strongly, probably for the first time in my life to interfere & correct someone else’s writings. My most sincere apologies.
    As an old sculler, I would change line 4 to “watching the scullers” as scullers scull, rowers row.
    Line 13 , change to “sculling the sapphire river”.
    Line 15, change to “swinging with their blades”.
    Line 21, change as per line 13.
    Please do not be offended, I thought long and hard before putting fingers to keyboard. Thanks Erol

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