Red Bull High Stakes Results

2015 winners of the Red Bull High Stakes, SoCal Scullers. Photo: Red Bull Boston.
2015 winners of the Red Bull High Stakes, SoCal Scullers. Photo: Red Bull Boston.

As HTBS reported on Saturday, a different rowing regatta was going to be held on the Charles River in Boston that very day, the Red Bull High Stakes. A team, racing on a 250-metre course in a single, double, quad and eight, with 16 athletes (cox included), had to turn around a stake buoy and row back to the start line where the team’s next crew began racing. Two teams were on the course at the same time, doing these relay-races. The two fastest teams, Potomac and SoCal Scullers (California), advanced through the bracket and met for the final race, which was won by SoCal Scullers in 7:02.1. Potomac’s time was 7:06.4.

The results are here. wrote this about the races. has photographs from the regatta here.

In some media, this way of racing, doing a 180-degree turn around a stake, was called to ‘revolutionize the sport [of rowing]’, but as a rowing history website, HTBS has to step in and explain that nothing is ever new in rowing. Already the professional scullers, for example the American Charles Courtney and the Canadian Ned Hanlan, who competed during the late 1870s and in the 1880s, were racing around a stake in courses that were much longer than 2,000 metres. When it comes to relay-races, young juniors have been racing this way at regattas in Sweden since the beginning of the 1970s. Though, they never raced in different boat types, so this might be a fairly new ‘invention’.

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