HTBS Celebrates 6 Years!

An American cupcake per year that HTBS has existed on the web.

HTBS editor Göran R Buckhorn writes:

Today, HTBS is celebrating six years on the web.

Founding HTBS, which, if I think about it, both feels like it happened yesterday and a long time ago, started more or less on a whim, but it has now become something amazing: new readers are arriving at the same time as the ‘old’ ones stay. The hard core of writers that the blog has had for some time now is still sending contributions to educate and entertain you HTBS readers.

It is true to say that HTBS has not maybe ‘exploded’ with blog entries so far this year, which, I have to confess, can be blamed on that Winter Blues has kept me down; the tough winter 2014/15 here in New England has weighed heavily on my shoulders. While good people in my surroundings like to point out that I am from Sweden and should be used to this kind of weather, I always answer that I didn’t like this weather in Sweden and I don’t like it here in Connecticut.

However, we have not been totally idle. This spring my little book on American oarsmen Benjamin Hunting Howell, who rowed for Trinity Hall, Cambridge, and Thames RC between 1894 and 1900, will be published – please check this website for updates. Then, a second HTBS publication will be published later this year. I think that many of you readers will look forward to this book, a slim volume of HTBS’s Philip Kuepper’s rowing poems. Some of the poems in the book have been posted on HTBS, but there will also be new poems about rowing by Philip that have never been posted or published before. A third HTBS publication is planned for 2016.

Now over to some boring numbers:*

During these six years HTBS has posted (including entries on the ‘old’ site): 1,813 posts

HTBS has had this many visits (impossible to know how many ‘individual’ visits): 331,871

The HTBS visitors have viewed this many pages: 1,104,338

HTBS Twitter followers: 996 (when will we reach 1,000?)

HTBS’s editor and contributors have made this much money on the blog during these six years: 0 dollars/pounds

*(Numbers as of yesterday afternoon.)

 Thank you for reading HTBS!




  1. Though I have never met her, Göran, it is my understanding that HTBS owes a great debt to your companion in life and parenting, not simply for minding the family store while you exercise your laudable literary enthusiasms, but also for enabling the very existence of this cyberstructure, so please share my happy 6th birthday greetings, gratitude and congratulations with your wife on this auspicious day.

  2. Dear Tom ~ you are correct, if it had not been for Mrs. B., HTBS would not have excised and readers would not have been able to read the 1M+ pages that have now been ‘viewed’ during these six year. It is true what they say, that behind every success there is a woman! What is also true is that if it had not been for the HTBS contributors, that ‘hard core’ group of writers, there would not have been 1,813 blog posts to read. Therefore, thank you to Mrs. B., Hélène, Greg, Tim, Philip, Louis and you, Tom.

  3. Cheers Buckthorn , always find HTBS a great read thanks to you and your correspondents. Long may your boat sing.

  4. Dear Bailey, Thank you. We will keep on writing as long as we have readers….. and a little bit longer…

  5. Dear Göran: My Jönköping bride, the ever lovely Siv Elisabeth, is also a “bad” Swede. She hates winter! Congrats on 6 years and many more to come.

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