Boston’s Bid for the 2024 Olympic Games

Boston-2024-PhotoFour cities in America would like to host the 2024 Olympic Summer Games: Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Washington, D.C. These cities are working hard to show their uniqueness and what they can bring to the table to organise the 2024 Games. Of course, in this initial stage they first have to convince the United States Olympic Committee that one of them is best suited to play host before it’s time to convince the International Olympic Committee.

Each city will make a promotional video, and so far Washington has a video and now also Boston for their bid for these Games. The website SwimSwam writes about the Boston video:

Using rowing as an anchor for the video is a nod to Boston’s culture as well. The city is a mecca for the sport thanks to Harvard University’s role in that sport’s history, complete with claiming host to the oldest collegiate athletic competition, the Harvard-Yale Regatta [though, not being rowed in Boston; HTBS editor], The men’s team has won every national championship – odd years only – from 1989 to 2003, while the women’s team won the national title in 2003.

Of course, also other sports are being shown, having different athletes using the glowing blue Boston 2024 symbol as a ‘relay pin’, while the sportswomen and –men are taking us viewers around different sites in Boston.

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