Pic 01
The official Rowing Blazers tie.

Tim Koch writes:

Fans of Jack Carlson’s splendid book, Rowing Blazers, can now do the well-dressed persons equivalent of ‘getting the T-shirt’ and ‘buy the tie’. In an e-mail, Jack writes:

I originally had these (ties) made up for myself, the photographers and the publishers but as I wore them to book signing events etc, a surprising number of people asked me how they could get one. So I decided to do another run and to make them available to anyone. Basically it’s a navy blue tie, made in England, with embroidered, hand-drawn (by me) rowing blazers! Here’s the link.

Pic 02
Jack models a Rowing Blazers tie in the Penn AC boathouse in Philadelphia. It looks as though he is about to start crooning ‘It’s quarter to three, There’s no one in the place ‘cept you and me…’ Picture: Jason Varney.

This tie will have to be added to the recent HTBS Christmas Gift list.


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