Rowing Chat with Mahé Drysdale on Rowperfect

Mahé Drysdale. Photo: Wikipedia.

Don’t miss the last Rowing Chat of the year on 11 December, UK time. This is a live broadcast online interview with sculling legend Mahé Drysdale of New Zealand. As usual, the Rowing Chat is hosted by Rebecca Caroe of Rowperfect UK and the audience is encouraged to ask questions. You may submit a question on the sign up form when you get your free event ticket.

The interview and chat with Drysdale is an hour long and starts at the following times (depending upon where you are in the world):

UK (BST) – 11 December 4 a.m.
USA/Canada (EST) – 10 December 11 p.m.
USA/Canada (PST) – 10 December 8 p.m.
New Zealand (NZST) – 11 December 5 p.m.
Australia (Sydney/EST) – 11 December 3 p.m.

Sign up here.

Mahé Drysdale is one of the world’s best single scullers. He has competed on a top international level since 2002 and has won five world championship titles in the single sculls. At the latest Olympic Games in London, where the rowing events were held at Dorney Lake, Drysdale took the Olympic gold medal. He seems to enjoy racing in England, as he has also won the Diamond Challenge Sculls at Henley Royal Regatta four times, in 2006, 2009, 2010 and 2014.

Hear his story and take the opportunity to ask him some questions, for example how he is preparing and training for the next Olympics in Rio in 2016.

For a couple of years now, Rowperfect UK has organised Rowing Chats and these Chats are a series of online webinars with the world’s leading rowing coaches, athletes and coxswains. Using a live online channel, RowingChat opens up the wealth of knowledge on the sport of rowing by offering rowers on all levels easy access to experts in the field. Rowperfect always records the webinar and attendees get a recording afterwards.

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