Henley: Work (Still) In Progress

Tats …..

…and hats.

Tim Koch writes:

The first picture shows a member of Oxford Brooks University ‘B’, having just lost to the University of Michigan in the Temple Challenge Cup (Student Men’s 8+). The picture below that sees the University of London leading Oklahoma City River Sport ‘B’, USA, in a heat of the Visitors’ Challenge Cup (Intermediate Men’s 4-).

I am continuing in my attempts to find time (between the demands of a job and, more importantly, a rowing club) to produce some posts from the mass of material that I brought back from Henley. My new Digital SLR camera takes three frames a second and the result is 1,000 pictures to choose from! If you, dear HTBS readers, are patiently waiting, here are a few things to keep you in the Henley mood.

… and jury.

Umpire John Hedger and (below) spectators in the Stewards’ Enclosure.

Rachel Quarrell’s final’s day report is on the Telegraph’s website. I cannot seem to find any other Henley reports from the quality British press online. Were they too busy reporting English and Scottish failures in football and tennis? Probably…


Club France come in ahead of Hollandia Roeiclub, Netherlands, in the Queen Mother Challenge Cup (Men’s Open Quads). The other picture shows some of the crew from University of California, Berkley, USA, who beat California Rowing Club and New York Athletic Club, USA, in a heat of the Ladies’ Challenge Plate (Intermediate Men’s 8+)

Henley Royal Regatta has its own YouTube Channel with brief coverage of most days.


….and beaten.

Eton’s Princess Elizabeth Challenge Cup (‘PE’) crew (Junior Men’s 8+) go to the start for their Friday race – in which they beat Pangbourne College. The following shot is of St Edwar’s School celebrating victory over Radley College, also in the PE.

It is always interesting to see how (seemingly) little has change by looking at, for example, this film of 1961 (if only the lower reaches of the course were as uncommercialised today as they were fifty years ago).


…and push.

The view from the photographer’s stand, next to the ‘progress board’, about ten strokes from the finish. Upper Thames RC are rowing to victory in the final of the Britannia Challenge Cup (Men’s Club 4+), beating Bayer Leverkusen, Germany. The quad pictured is from Gloucester RC and Northwich RC, racing in the Princess Grace Challenge Cup (Women’s Open 4x).

OK, I cannot keep the ‘pairing’ joke going but here are some more nonetheless nice images from Henley 2014.

Why a boatload of Elvis impersonators should have become a Henley tradition, I do not know but they make their way up and down the course every year. Here they applaud their ‘fellow Americans’, Cornell University as they are led by Oxford Brooks University ‘A’ in the Temple Challenge Cup (Men’s Student 8+).

It looks like a case of  ‘All rowed fast but none so fast as stroke’ (a common but discredited ‘quotation’, see here.) Hampton recover from their very close race with Brunswick School, USA, in the PE on the Friday.

St Edward’s School show fine form in a heat of the PE.

This young man may have been defeated on the Friday but he can content himself with the fact that he has 5% body fat.

Perhaps Dulwich College (front) can take some compensation from the fact that, while they were defeated by Shawnigan Lake School, Canada (back), in the PE, it happened in beautiful surroundings.

The University of London race Harvard in a semi-final of the Visitors’ (Men’s Intermediate 4-). They are at ‘The Barrier’ (beyond which coaches could not ride their horses), 636 metres into the 2112-metre course.

Another delightful day draws to an end.

Photographs © Tim Koch.

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