HTBS Quinquennial Luncheon

HTBS Lunches were subdued affairs before the invention of the Internet.

Tim Koch writes:

In a month’s time it is the fifth anniversary of the first posting on ‘Hear The Boat Sing’ (HTBS). On 12 March 2009, Göran Buckhorn wrote: ‘Against better judgment I have become a blogger.’

I am sure more will be written about this closer to the anniversary proper. In the meantime, I would like to float the idea of an informal anniversary lunch in London. You will appreciate that there is no central meeting point for the blog’s worldwide readership so this is the best I can do. I am suggesting Sunday, 16 March, at the ‘Coat and Badge’ in Putney. On the same day, Cambridge crews are racing Molesey Boat Club crews over the Boat Race course. Goldie goes off at 12.15 and the Blue Boat at 12.45. We could wave them off from the Putney Embankment and then retire to lunch nearby.

If you are willing and able to attend, please contact me at: tim(dot)koch123(at)gmail(dot)com


  1. The readers of HTBS could infer this is a luncheon for men only from the photography above. And it's not, is it ? 😉

  2. No, of course not, women readers of HTBS are most welcome. After the first HTBS Luncheon is over, I am sure we will have a lot of good photographs of women and men that we can post for the second HTBS Luncheon, whenever that will be…

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