Pre-BNY Mellon Boat Race fixtures announced

Yesterday, the official pre-BNY Mellon Boat Race fixtures were announced.

The BNY Mellon Boat Race website states: ‘Club fixtures are key dates in The BNY Mellon Boat Race season and serve a dual purpose – firstly, as a selection test for both the Blue Boat and Isis or Goldie crews, and secondly, as key racing experience for the selected crews on the Championship Course against top British club and international opposition. Not only is that experience of competing against top-class opposition vital, but the fixtures also provide opportunities for the Clubs to simulate race day as much as possible and get to know the Championship Course better: practising routines, racing the Surrey and Middlesex stations, and being officially umpired.’

O.U.B.C., C.U.B.C., Isis and Goldie will be racing these crews: Thames RC, Upper Thames RC, Leander, Molesey BC and the German U23. Read more here.

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