Time for Megan’s LIST

The LIST maker. Photo: USRowing.

The U.S. two-time Olympian Megan Kalmoe is known in the social media world for her list, or as it is called, The List. On this list, Top 20 Hottest Male Rowing Athletes of the Year, she ranks twenty male rowers (no, there are no male rowing historians among them…!) just because they are pretty much all-around awesome. She is doing this in a funny and charming way (no, it’s not sexist at all, so don’t even think about whining about it boys; leave the griping to the boys who did not make the list…).

Megan posted The LIST earlier today, and I was happy to read that a fellow Scandinavian oarsman was No. 1 on the list. Now you are, of course, anxious to read it yourself, so you will find it here.

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