The 2013 Red Bull XRow

Above is a trailer from the 2013 Red BullXRow. Not a race for softies…

On Saturday, 5 October, the annual Red Bull XRow, called the cruellest rowing race in the world, was held in Switzerland. Crews from around the world raced across lakes and land starting in Zug and finishing in Lucerne. After the crews, racing in eights, have rowed across Lake Zug, they picked up their boats and carried them over land to the shores of Lake Lucern, where they put them in to row the final leg. That is altogether 19 km of rowing and 7 km of cross-country running – at the highest speedy possible!

The home favourite team ‘Swiss Selection’ won in a time of 2:09:30. The German team ‘Light Bulls’ came in second, only 35 seconds behind.

The top five teams:
Swiss Selection (SUI): 02:09:30
Light Bulls (GER): +00:00:35
International Light Bulls (ITA/NED): +00:01:35
Team Croatia (CRO): +00:02:53
Germania – All Stars (GER): +00:03:52

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