2013 World Masters Regatta in Varese

Yesterday, the World Rowing Masters Regatta started in Varese, Italy, with a record 3,355 athletes registered from 633 clubs from 454 cities from 40 nations with Italy having the biggest contingent of rowers with 731 entries. Germany comes second with 657 and thereafter Great Britain with 474 rowers – there were 10,221 registered seats just before the regatta began. And 500 volunteers are there to make sure that ‘the regatta runs smoothly’ FISA writes on its website. More ‘numbers’: 94-year-old Charles Eugster of Switzerland is the oldest male competitor and Rosa Pie of Spain is the oldest female rower, 82 years young. The regatta ends on Sunday, 8 September.

Here are the age categories: A (27-35); B (36+); C (43+); D (50+); E (55+); F (60+); G (65+); H (70+); I (75+); J (80+); and K (85+).

For more information about the regatta: www.wrmr2013.com

Four rowing pals of mine, from my Swedish rowing club, Malmö Roddklubb, are competing in the fours, but I am yet to find them in the sea of entries – my very best of luck to them.

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