GB Row 2013: A 2000-Mile Race

Photo from The Islanders website.

On 1 June, the team The Islanders, Alan Morgan, 22 years old, Josh Taylor, 23, James Plumley, 23, and Gavin Sheehan, 24, embarked on one of the toughest rowing races in the world, the GB 2013, were they row day and night non-stop around the entire circumference of England, Wales and Scotland. This is a voyage just over 2000 miles. Six crews started at Tower Bridge.

Alan, Josh, James and Gavin’s aim is to break the current World Record of 26 days and 14 hours. Now, why would four young men do a crazy thing like this? On their website they write: ‘Well one could say there’s something unique and special about a human pushing their body beyond the limit for self-awareness and personal achievement, but no. Every day there are people in hospital going through far worse. Our aim in attempting to get the record is to raise £50,000 towards Leukaemia Research and The Evelina Children’s Hospital.’

This is a very honorable quest. Help these tough boys by donating today. Click here to go to their website’s donation page. Follow them on Twitter @rowchallenge

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