… but I Like These Best!


Here is a funny little clip from a 1932 ‘School-Kiddies’ Henley’, some improvised rowing races for boys and girls under the age of 14 from British Pathe. Despite the fun rowing, school children on field trips really only have one thing on their mind – food. Listen to the last comment from the interviewed boy.

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  1. The sign 'Island Hotel. 1 shilling Teas on Lawn. Popular Prices' suggests that this is not Henley on Thames but the delightfully named 'Eel Pie Island' in Twickenham, about ten miles from central London. It is the home of Twickenham Rowing Club. The local museum's website gives a brief history: http://www.twickenham-museum.org.uk/print_detail.asp?ContentID=213
    It also says that Twickenham R.C. has a piece of piano music, 'The Oarsman's March', dedicated to it by its composer, W Vincent Wallace. Not many clubs can say that. The Island Hotel also played a big part in 1960s pop music: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eel_Pie_Island

    Tim Koch.

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