It’s the Royal Canadian Henley!

This old photograph is taken at the Henley Regatta! However, not at the Henley Royal Regatta or at the 1948 Olympic Rowing held in Henley-on-Thames. No, instead it is from the Royal Canadian Henley in St Catharines, ONT.

On 9 August, HTBS posted some lovely old photographs from the 1948 Olympic Rowing Regatta held on the Henley Royal Regatta course. Or so I thought. HTBS received a kind e-mail from Andrew W. where he writes about the photograph of the grandstand and press box: “I think the one of the Grandstand is actually on Martindale Pond, at the Royal Canadian Henley Regatta (St Catharines, ONT).” Andrew also gives a link to a more recent taken photograph of the grandstand and press box – wonderful photograph, by the way – have a look here.

I have to confess that I have never been to the Royal Canadian Henley (yes, I am ashamed, dear readers from Canada), and as I knew that special stands for the spectators and a larger press box were built at the English Henley for the 1948 Olympic Rowing, I went with what it said on the back of the photograph “OG ’48 Henley Grandstand & Press Box”.

Andrew was also most helpful in providing more information, on my request, about when the grandstand at Canadian Henley was built. Andrew replied: “I had a look at old programs from the regatta, and it appears that the present grandstand has been in place since at least 1946 (I’ve seen a photo), although 1931 was when the land for the present site was acquired (apparently the old grandstand blew down in 1929). What originally caught my eye was the house on the hill to the left – as far as I can remember the bank of Henley-on-Thames is flat.”

Thank you, Andrew, for setting the record straight!

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