Rowers List 1: David Brooks

As it was David Brooks who actually started this ‘listomania’ on HTBS, it is only fair that he is the first one out with two lists, and he has picked oarsmen for List III and List V. David writes,

‘I have to admit, I am more familiar with the last 40 years or so and find it difficult to compare rowers from pre-war who were generally so much smaller than today’s guys.

‘So, here is my all-star eight of the last 40 or so years and my top 5 scullers from the same period.’

Holmes and Redgrave

1.    A. Holmes
2.    T. Crooks
3.    J. Cracknell
4.    G. Searle
5.    S. Redgrave
6.    M. Pinsent
7.    T. Foster
Str. A. Triggs-Hodge
Cox P. Sweeney

‘…and then S. Williams and M. Cross to round out the top ten sweeps rowers. It would be interesting to see how this eight would have done against a similar German eight that could call on so many powerhouse East German crews? Or eights from Australia, Canada, USA and New Zealand for that matter!’

Alan Campbell and his coach Bill Barry

1. A. Campbell
2. C. Baillieu
3. G. Searle
4. S. Redgrave
5. H. Matheson (or T. Crooks)

Thank you, David!

So, all you HTBS readers which rowers and scullers would you have own your lists?

If you would like to see your list/lists posted on HTBS, please e-mail your list/s to:
gbuckhorn -at- – please put “List” in the subject box.

To have your list/s posted you have to give me your name and town and country.

One comment

  1. Earlier today, HTBS received an e-mail from Pat Sweeney, who would like to thank David for being selected in his ‘all-star eight’. Pat writes:

    “I would agree with him [David] this would be a pretty good boat! Of the eight, the only one I haven’t had the pleasure of steering would be Triggs-Hodge as he would have been about 10 years old the last time I got in a boat.”

    Thank you for your comment, Pat!

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