List The Best Of The Best!

So, against better judgment I have decided to post lists on HTBS (see yesterday’s entry). Yes, there is going to be more than one ‘All-Time Top Ten British Rowers/Scullers’ only because I believe it is impossible to compare oarsmen’s achievements during different eras. These are the different lists:

List I: Top Ten British Rowers, up until the end of WWI (-1919)

List II: Top Ten British Rowers, between 1920 and 1970

List III: Top Ten British Rowers, from 1971 to the present time

List IV: Top Ten British Scullers, up until 1919 (amateurs and professionals on the same list)

List V: Top Ten British Scullers, from 1920 to the present time (amateurs and professionals on the same list)

If you would like to see your list/lists posted on HTBS, please e-mail your list/s to:
gbuckhorn -at- – please put “List” in the subject box.

To have your list/s posted you have to give me your name and town and country – and no pranks, please!

You may, of course, explain the names on your lists, if you like, but it is not necessary to be posted.

Who knows, HTBS might extend the lists to American and international rowers and scullers in the future.

Thank you – Göran/HTBS

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