Tim Koch: Big Green, Little Rowing

 HTBS’s Tim Koch writes from London:

A recent addition to YouTube is a 37 minute long promotional film made in 1956 for potential applicants to Dartmouth (the American Ivy League University, not the British naval officer training establishment). It is a charming period piece showing attitudes, manners and modes of dress that would be strongly challenged within ten years. It is very easy to romanticise a time and a place where The American Dream seemed to be flourishing but, after a while, you may notice that there is a distinct lack of women and minorities on campus. However, enough of politics and sociology, what about the really important stuff, i.e. how much rowing is in the film? Sadly, only fifteen seconds. It’s a very nice fifteen seconds (at 22.50) but, if that is all Dartmouth thought worth including, I would be applying to Harvard or Yale (or even Brown).

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