Light Blues V. Black Death

CUBC v. MBC from Putney Bridge.

HTBS’s Tim Koch writes,

Following the previous day’s race between Oxford and Leander,
 Sunday 25 March saw Cambridge race Molesey Boat Club (a.k.a. ‘Black
 Death’). Peter 
McConnell’s race report is on the Boat Race website.
it he writes:

Racing a crew from Molesey who were 3rd in last week’s Head of the 
River Race but were defeated in two hard races by Oxford a fortnight
 ago, it was important for Cambridge to put down an emphatic marker
 during this fixture.

CUBC bow and 3 on stroke (port side), 2 and 4 on bow (starboard side). See more here.

In a busy race for the umpire, the Light Blues led Molesey by 1 ½ 
lengths at the St Paul’s School finish (just through Hammersmith
 Bridge). There followed a second race starting below Chiswick Eyot. At 
the Boat Race finish near Chiswick Bridge, Molesey won by ¼ length but
 Cambridge had earlier been obstructed by a cruiser near the Bandstand.

American Jack Lindeman, who once was struck by lightning.

Looking at McConnell’s report
 for the Molesey–Oxford race two weeks ago it seems that the Dark
 Blues won by greater margins on that occasion. How much significance 
can be read into this is debatable.

Thirty miles away, the ‘Henley Boat Races’ were held on the same day.
 The Heavyweight Women’s Race and Lightweight Men’s Race were won by
 Cambridge while Oxford’s Lightweight Women and Heavyweight Reserve
 Women were victorious in their events. Details are here.

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