2012 Rowing Calendars

If you need a rowing calendar for 2012, HTBS has gathered some different ones below:

2012 Power & Grace – US Women’s Rowing Team
(Support US women rowers!)

The Rowing Store’s Calendars
(‘Vintage’ rowing calendars)

Rock the Boat Calendar
(Practical calendar for rowers)

2012 Art of Rowing Wall Calendar
(Nice pictures)

Row2k Calendar
(Calendar from the world’s most famous rowing site)

The impression rowing wall calendar 2012
(Swiss beautiful calendar)

(A rowing calendar from Germany – schöne Bilder)

Leander Club’s Calendar 2012
(This year the men of Leander keep the underwear on!)

Warwick Rowing’s Senior Men Calendar
(Watch out – the Full Monty!)

Nichole de Carle 2012 London Calendar
(No rowing women in this group, but eleven Team GB hopefuls have stripped down to lingerie for a charity calendar intended to raise funds for the charity Wellbeing of Women.)

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