Greg Searle To Publish An Autobiography In 2012

The writes today that British oarsman Greg Searle, who took an Olympic gold medal in the coxed pair in 1992 Games in Barcelona together with his brother Jonny, is going to publish a memoir next year. Publisher Jon Butler at Macmillan has bought the rights to Be a Legend by Searle. In 2012, at the age of 40, Searle will go for his second Olympic gold medal, now in the eights. Butler told,

“Greg Searle’s extraordinary comeback will be one of the stories of the London Olympics, regardless of his boat’s performance. The final of the men’s rowing eight will be watched by millions, and the story of Greg’s fierce determination to be an Olympian again at the age of 40 will be on everyone’s lips. This book will take the reader to the very heart of what it means to compete at this level, and provide a window into the fears, dreams and decisions that make up Greg’s historic quest for glory.”

Read the article here.


  1. Seriously sweet, i'm looking forward to this one. Might have my own book one day!!

    Watch this space!!!

  2. Does anyone know if this book has photographs?

    In my opinion Greggy has the tightest buns of any Olympic rower, even if he is knocking on 40. Hope there's some good piccies! xx

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