Four Men On The Thames

Early this morning, the four friends Iain Weir, James Clarke, Mark Bavington, and Stephen Feeney of London Rowing Club pushed off their touring quad at Lechlade to begin “the epic journey rowing it back to Putney”. They hope to arrive at Putney on Sunday. These four fellows are not trying to break any records, or to do anything extraordinary on the way, but what they are hoping to accomplish is to raise awareness about the illness Neuroacanthocytosis. As advocates they are also hoping to raise money for this noble cause.

To visit their website, “Four Men in a Boat,” and learn how you can donate money, please click here.

The Four is also hoping to show how easy it is to get involved in recreational rowing with the Explore Rowing scheme, which is run by British Rowing.

Warm thanks to HTBS’s Hélène Rémond, who pointed us in the direction of this event.

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