2011 HRR… Just Wonderful!

Needless to say, I loved my first visit to Henley Royal. I did have high expectations before I arrived, but never, never could I imagine that it would be that wonderful! Of course, several factors play into this statement: the races were outstanding with many records being overturned – there is always something special seeing history in the making; marvellous weather; being among good friends; having a drink in the middle of the day; taking the time to just watch people passing by; and dress up and wear whatever I liked without people staring at me (at work in the USA I still get comments because I am wearing a tie…).

Here are some more photographs by Hélène Rémond, Tim Koch, and Jan Servin:

Two HTBS-iarians having a serious discussion about if there should be more or less cucumbers than strawberries in a Pimm’s Cup.

Editor Per of Svensk Rodd shows Tim how to use the new erg from Concept. The sliding-seat is only moving slightly while the foot stretcher is the moving part (just as the sliding-riggers did once upon a time).

Three Korean gentlemen: Mr. Ro Hong Chul, Mr. Jung Hyung Don, and Mr. Kim Ji-Ho.

Outside the Stewards’ Enclosure: Members of the Virginia B.C. who competed yesterday in the Veteran’s Henley.

Distinguished Henley spectators.

Going for an outing with your loved one.

The winners of 2011 The Prince Albert Challenge Cup: Harvard University.

The Princess Grace Challenge Cup winners: Princeton Training Center ‘B’.

Proud winners…
Time to leave…

Thanks to everyone for a lovely time!

One comment

  1. How nice to see the variety of faces at Henley, as well as tans, blazers and hats of course. A great selection of pictures showing the human side of an event that is much more than pure graft!


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