Drinking At HRR

As we have mentioned before, Henley Royal is a big social event, and socialising with your friends and colleagues means having a drink or two with them, and HRR is the perfect place for this. The Stewards’ Enclosure offers several good places for a drink whether you would like to have coffee, tea, beer, Pimm’s, or champagne. There is the Café Regatta, Real Ale Bar, Bridge Bar, Coffee Bar, Oyster Bar, Champagne Bar, Fawley Bar, Seafood Restaurant, and Mile & 1/2 – and this is more or less just inside the Stewards’ Enclosure. With a Leander Club Badge you will have access to a couple of very nice places to have a drink inside this famous club.

If you find yourself sitting at the Regatta Enclosure, you have a decent restaurant behind the stand. If you go downstream towards the Start, along the towpath just north of the Regatta Enclosure, you will find a variety of overpriced food places (not all serving good food). Here you will also find some places serving drinks. If you have decided to walk to the Start, do stop at the Barn Bar for some refreshments. Of course, there is also a couple of bars at the Start – and you should really go to the Start as you can study and take some photographs of some tense moments of the crews before they are off.

Time for tea.

Fawley Bar

Having a Pimm’s Cup with friends.

(Photographs: Hélène Rémond)

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