A 1932 Short Story About Rowing

The images for the short story “The Kings Navy” were made by Seymour Ball.

In the June 1932 issue of the magazine Boys’ Life, published by the Boy Scouts of America is a short story by Philip Scruggs, “The Kings Navy”. It is one of these rare sports stories where the athletes are oarsmen, rowing for King’s College. The story is very 1930-ish, of course, but I am somehow impressed by Scruggs’s knowledge about the sport of rowing. And added to my liking is illustrator Seymour Ball’s drawings (both being shown on top and on the right). I am afraid I do not have any information about the writer Philip Scruggs or the illustrator Seymour Ball. You will, however, find a list of Scruggs’s stories between 1928 and 1935 by clicking here.

You can also read the story by clicking here.

As a matter of fact, the cover of this issue of Boys’ Life, June 1932, is also inspired by rowing. More about the cover tomorrow…

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