Another Homer Rowing Image

Well, dear ‘old’ Bill is at it again. Barely had I prepared the previous entry about his Winslow Homer find, and Bill finds another rowing image by Homer. Bill writes, “Running a word search in Google, I discovered another Homer rowing picture, with two men in what looks like a racing shell. Hard to tell, it could be a canoe rigged with oars, but it looks like a pair to me. Of course, everything looks like a pair and I had a pleasant pull in one on the Potomac yesterday morning amid fall colors.”

This ‘new’ Homer rowing picture is called Two Men Rowing on a Lake, a watercolour from 1892. It was for sale at Christie’s, click here to read more about it.

One comment

  1. Very interesting! I'd no idea that Homer had illustrated rowing (Eakins being the only American painter of that period that is ever mentioned in regards to the sport). Thanks!

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