The Winklevoss & Facebook, Again…

Yesterday was the premier for the movie The Social Network in the States, a film that has been mentioned here on HTBS in three entries before, The Winklevosses to Face Cambridge, 2 April; Facebook and Rowing, and Filming for the Facebook Movie, both on 23 July (Facebook and Rowing has a movie trailer).

The news of the film release has also reached across the pond, and in a comment HTBS London correspondent Tim Koch writes:

“The feature film about the founding of the ‘Facebook’ phenomenon, The Social Network, discussed in HTBS on 2 April and 23 July, is now on general release in the United States and has received enthusiastic reviews. The rowing interest surrounds the Winklevoss twins who rowed for Harvard and the United States National Team and who had a long running intellectual property lawsuit against Facebook. I have not yet seen the film and so do not know how much of the rowing action shot on the Charles River and at Henley made the final edit. Ivy League athletic restrictions do not allow current athletes to work as film extras so former Harvard and Northeastern University rowers were used. Even Harry Parker (the long serving and highly successful Harvard coach) is played by an actor.”

Tim continues, “I will be surprised if the on the water action pleases any of us who know one end of a boat from another but, to paraphrase Dr. Johnson, it’s not that it’s done well, but that it’s done at all. Guest of a Guest (the Los Angeles society blog co-founded by Cameron Winklevoss) has pictures of the filming at Henley – to see them, please click here.”

That there is an interest for The Social Network, HTBS has drastically been aware of too. Since almost a week back the visitation of HTBS has tripled, and ‘everyone’ is viewing the entries with the Winklevoss brothers.

By the way, as the filmmakers could not find a pair of twins to play Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, they sort of used two actors Josh Pence and Armie Hammer; ‘sort of’ because they used the bodies of Pence and Hammer to play the Winklevosses, but only used Hammer’s face. How it was done? Read an article in The Washington Post by clicking here.

And as we are talking about it – NO, there are no plans to indroduce HTBS on Facebook, or Twitter!

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