A Funny Photo Blog On Rowing

Yesterday’s video clip with ‘Moko, the dolphin’, HTBS correspondent Hélène Rémond found on a French blog, Fototac, which is dedicated to all kinds of comical and humorous aspects of the sport of rowing. Hélène writes “I find it funny, but sometimes it is unsuitable, too.” So, if you go to this blog, watch out which ‘categories’ you click on, there might be a naked butt or two!

However, talking about naked rear ends, I saw a picture on the Fototac blog – this ‘paparazzi de l’aviron’ – which claims to have been taken in Sweden, a male nudist watching some eights racing on a river. Whoever posted it swears that it was taken in Sweden and that it is not a montage where the man has been placed in a ‘rowing image’. I do not know about the latter, but I do not believe this photograph was taken in Sweden. Why? We don’t have that many eights, sadly but true!

Looking around on Fototac, I realise that the photographs I thought I pinched from a Greek blog the other day were actually stolen from Fototac, which probably nicked it from another blog. It is really a ‘dirty business’ running a rowing blog…

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