Rowing To Aberystwyth

Now, try this word: Aberystwyth, and maybe try it again: Aberystwyth… Aberystwyth (English pronunciation ’æbə’rɪstwɪθ’) is a coastal market town in Ceredigion, Wales. When I was studying at the University of Wales in Lampeter for the 1997/98 term, I visited Aberystwyth several times, to see the water and breathe in the Ocean, get a decent meal, and see the sites. At one occasion, our lecturer actually took us to The National Library of Wales in this lovely little town to study some old medieval manuscripts. So, what has this to do with rowing?

Well, I was surprised to see the name of Aberystwyth on www.row2k today. The Western Telegraph is reporting that Llangwm Rowing Club is yet again going in for a real challenge in May. With other teams from the U.K., the club will row their longboat the 96 miles across the rough Irish Sea between Arklow and Aberystwyth. This is an 18-hour long voyage. However, last year it took the 12-person strong crew from Llangwm RC slightly more than 24 hours to complete the crossing in horrific weather. Read the article by clicking here.

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