Rowing Books For Youths 3

Following is a list of youth fiction containing rowing as a major or minor theme. Rowing historian Bill Miller combined the majority of these titles. I have corrected some minor mistakes and added some titles to the list. However, there might still be some errors, especially when it comes to when a book was published. Some stories were published first in a magazine before making it into a published book. Please remember that many of the author names you see are pseudonyms, and that the author used his real name for some books and his pseudonym/s for others.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to add titles, but please keep in mind that this is a list for youth fiction books!

Austin, S.: Freda’s Rowing Ambition at Riverside (1956)
Barbour, R.H.: Captain of the Crew (1901)
Barbour, R.H.: Flashing Oars (1930)
Barbour, R.H.: Tod Hale with the Crew (1926)
Barbour, R.H.: Coxswain of the Eight (1922)
Barton, G.: The Bell Haven Eight (1914)
Bonehill, R.: The Young Oarsmen of Lakeview (1897)
Bradley, E.: The Adventures of Mr. Verdant Green (1853)
Chadwick, A.: The Eight-Oared Victors (1913)
Chapman, A.: Fred Fenton on the Crew (1913)
Coke, D.: The Bending of a Twig (1900)
Dudley, A.T.: The School Four (1909)
Forbes, G.B.: Frank Allen Head of the Crew or The Boys of Columbia High on the River (1911)
Grahame, K.: The Wind in the Willows (1908)
Grant, R.: Jack Hall or The School Days of an American Boy (1888)
Haywood, C.: Robert Rows the River (1965)
Hughes, T.: Tom Brown at Oxford (1861)
Hughes, T.: Tom Brown’s School Days (1854)
Jerome, J.K.: Three Men in a Boat (1889)
Johnson, O.: Stover at Yale (1912)
Kingman, L.: The Luck of Miss L. (1986)
Knudson, R.R.: Rinehart Shouts (1987)
MacEwen, C.: Thee Women in One Boat (1891)
Morrison, G.W.: The Girls of Central High on Lake Luna (1914)
Neuman, W.: Horace Higby, Cox of the Crew (1971)
Optic, O.: The Boat Club (1854)
Optic, O.: Work and Win (1865/66?)
Paine, R.D.: Sandy Sawyer Sophomore (1911)
Paine, R.D.: The Stroke Oar (1908)
Paine, R.D.: The Twisted Skein (1915)
Paterson, C.&B.: The Foxwood Regatta (1986)
Patten, G.: Ben Oakman, Stroke (1925)
Patten, G.: Cliff Sterling, Stroke of the Crew (1912)
Quirk, L.W.: The Freshman Eight (1913)
Serverance, M.S.: Hammersmith, His Harvard Days (1878)
Silliman, L.: The Scrapper at Camp Blazing Rock (1946)
Standish, B.L. Frank Merriwell’s Faith (1900)
Wood, J.S.: College Days or Harry’s Career at Yale (1894)

One comment

  1. Eric Perkins sent a nice message pointing out an error on my list. I messed up one of Ralph Barbour's book titles. “Tod Hale with the Crew” is the correct one. Thank you Eric!

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