Rowing Books For Youths 2

Looking around on my bookshelves, I only found another “youth book” about rowing girls, The Girls of Central High on Lake Luna, or the Crew that Won (1914) by Gertrude W. Morrison. The frontispiece shows some girls in “correct” rowing dresses for girls and women at the time (image on the right). This is one in a series about the “Girls in Central High” by Morrison.

Another novel with young women is Three Women in One Boat (1891) by Constance MacEwen. The book is a parody of Jerome K. Jerome’s famous novel Three Men in a Boat (To Say Nothing of the Dog) (1889). Some time back, I had an essay posted on The Friends of Rowing History’s great web site If you would like to read my essay, “Rowing Women as Belles des Bateaux, or To Say Nothing of the Cat”, please click here.

Talking about girls rowing, I have seen book lists with titles similar to MacEwen’s, Three Girls in a Boat (n.d., but was probably published in the first half of the 1920s) by Laura A. Baker-Snow and Three Girls in a Boat (1938) by Madge and C. Fox-Smith. I have not seen copies of either book, so I am unaware if they are for girls or women.

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