The 2023 Boat Race: Images of Tideway Week

The men’s coxswains, Jasper Parish of Cambridge and Anna O’Hanlon of Oxford, obligingly respond to the assembled photographers’ request for a pugilistic stare-out.

25 March 2023

By Tim Koch

Tim Koch counts down to Sunday.

Tideway Week has officially been in progress since Monday 20th. The Boat Race crews, now staying close to Putney, have been going out twice daily but their hard training is now done. The water work is just paddling and starts, the land work is eating and sleeping. 

The media launch shadowed the crews afloat on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, the writers looking for clues as to form, the photographers looking for that front page or Tweetable picture. On Wednesday there was also the chance to interview the Blue crews and coaches and also for land based photo opportunities.  

The Cambridge men’s reserves, Goldie, are debriefed outside Crabtree, the Cambridge alumni boathouse.
The Oxford men’s Blue boat downstream of Hammersmith Bridge.
Oxford returning to Putney followed by the OUBC launch, Bosporos.
Oxford passing the apartment complex in the former Harrods’ Depository (once, the former Soap Works).
An oar-bending practice start along the Putney Embankment.
The Cambridge men shadowed by the CUBC launch, Amaryllis.
Cambridge all square.
A short burst for Cambridge at Hammersmith.
The Oxford women’s Blue boat goes afloat.
Approaching Harrods, the Oxford women pass the Cambridge reserve men.
Practicing a racing start.
The Cambridge women boating from Thames Rowing Club.
Rosa Millard (“2”) seems to be going for an awkward sculling outing.
The Cambridge women in action, a picture taken during a fixture race against University of London on 5 February.
A “photo op” and interview session at London Rowing Club on Wednesday.
The photographers decide to make the crews walk on water. Here, the Cambridge women have a go.
The Oxford women say (Blue) cheese.
A manly pose from Cambridge.
No smiles from Oxford.
Brothers-in-arms. Cambridge’s “7”, Ollie Parish (standing), and cox, Jasper Parish (sitting) pose for the photographers in the Members’ Room of London Rowing Club. 
Men’s race umpire, Tony Reynolds, and OUBC Coach, Sean Bowden (closest to the camera) survey high water at Putney from London RC’s balcony.
Boats may no longer be built on Putney Embankment, but British craftsmanship is not dead.
A reminder for spectators along the course that Hammersmith Bridge will be closed 11am – 6pm. Also, Barnes Bridge will be closed 2.30pm – 6pm. A man in a hard hat on Hammersmith Bridge told me that the problem is not the combined weight of any crowds but that too many people would set off some of the many sensors now monitoring the aged span.
The official 2023 Boat Race Programme/Magazine is now available for free download. It is a great read, especially pages 56-58. 

The Boat Races will be broadcast on TV and satellite and live streamed on YouTube, 14.45 – 16.45 GMT. 

See here for international television broadcast details, or go to the Boat Race YouTube Channel here

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