Preserving the History of Rowing, its People and Places 

19 February 2023

The committee of the Head of the Schuylkill Regatta (HOSR) invites those interested in rowing history to a Zoom event on Thursday, February 23 – sign up now.

In an invitation the HOSR Committee 50 writes:

Join the HOSR Committee 50 as we venture into the history of our sport in Philadelphia and around the world, efforts to find and preserve rowing materials and stories, and challenges to establish repositories for these collections. Rowing may be touted as one of the oldest sports, however cataloging and archiving its documents and objects are in its infancy. 

Join us for a conversation with those most familiar with these efforts. Our seasoned and knowledgeable facilitators will welcome guests:

Göran Buckhorn – Hear The Boat Sing –

Al McKenzie – Pocock Museum & Event Center

Tom Weil – Rowing Historian – River & Rowing Museum, Henley, England

Bill Miller – Rowing Historian – NRF,

Dotty Brown – Boathouse Row – The Book: Waves of Change in the Birthplace of American Rowing

“Preserving the History of Rowing, its People and Places” 

“Story Hour” will be held via Zoom  on Thursday, February 23, 7:00 p.m.  (ET)

All are welcome to join the conversation!

Register here in advance.

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