A Mystic Experience

Mystic River. Photo: Ingrid H. Buckhorn

27 November 2022

By Philip Kuepper

On my way to the library   
this past Friday morning,
I felt I had driven 
into another dimension.
I drove from who I am 
in the flesh,
to who I may become   
in the spirit,
I felt I was driving   
along a road in the ethereal,
what with the thickening   
fall of fog, and the path
of sunlight being laid,   
diagonally, the width of Mystic River.
The whole of the earthly   
world had disappeared,
save the road on which I drove,   
the ever unwinding road floating forward.
Would I know my way back?   
Would I want to?
I drove, enrapt in the moment.

(5 November 2022)

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