Sculling Legends Interviewed

From left to right: Lassi Karonen, Alan Campbell, Olaf Tufte, Mahé Drysdale and Iztok Čop waiting for Ondřej Synek to join them. Photo: World Rowing.

8 November 2022

At the 2022 World Rowing Championships in RačiceCzech Republic, in September, World Rowing and the regatta organisers arranged a tribute to the Czech rower Ondřej Synek, who retired from elite rowing in 2021.

Ondřej Synek

The last race of the day was a 500-metre exhibition race where Synek met five of his main rivals and close friends: Alan Campbell of Great Britain, Iztok Čop of Slovenia, Mahé Drysdale of New Zealand, Lassi Karonen of Sweden and Olaf Tufte of Norway.

The other day, World Rowing released an almost 30-minute video interview that rowing commentator Martin Cross held with the six scullers before their race.

Great to see and listen to some true sculling legends.

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