Of Time, Thames-Robed

Queen Elizabeth II, 20 March 2015. Photo: Joel Rouse/ Ministry of Defence (published on Wikipedia).

11 September 2022

By Philip Kuepper

Death has passed the sceptre   
from matriarch to son,
down the long descendant   
line of inheritance,
in famed England,
seven decades of a reign flowing
into veins that flow   
with the pulse of the Thames,
the river’s pulse beating unimpeded   
through millennia of time,
that crowns each head   
of one who sits enthroned,
crowns each head   
of one who anchors
the ship of state in the river 
of time, Thames-robed,
in this all too temporal world.

(10 September 2022)


  1. Good morning Philip

    Lovely words which join our sadly departed Queen with the Thames.
    Yesterday the Great River Race was held but in respect changed to the ’Queen Elizabeth II River Procession’.
    135 boats rowed from Millwall to Ham House, a splendid display of boats.

    Very best

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