Henley Tuesday: Back to 3 BC (Before COVID)

An unusual view of racing at Henley Royal Regatta, a picture taken from just after the finish line. Marlow RC is beating The King’s School, Parramatta, Australia, in a heat of the Fawley (Junior Men’s Quad Sculls).

29 June 2022

By Tim Koch

Tim Koch checks that the first day of this year’s Henley Royal Regatta is up to standard.

My yesterday visit to the now Tuesday to Sunday Henley Royal Regatta was fairly brief as I was rather tired after finishing the final part of Auriol Kensington Rowing Club’s row from Hammersmith to Henley, a 60-year-old tradition that takes place over three days and finishes on the Monday of Henley week. 

My main concern was to check that no pizzas were on sale in the Stewards’ Enclosure (as was the case in last year’s COVID compliant Henley Lite), that the course was straight and that the Stewards were properly dressed. I took the pictures posted here as evidence of this and I hope (but do not promise) to put up more on every day of the regatta. As usual, these will be short on time consuming text.

Lack of prose from me should not be too much of a problem as hrr.co.uk has more than enough information for HTBS Types and, of course, there is the Henley YouTube Channel with livestream and prerecorded video. 

The Regatta Press Office’s view of Tuesday’s highlights are here.

Click on these links for the timetable, the results and for news and features.

Official social media is on InstagramTwitter and Facebook.

New Henley Steward, Aquil Abdullah, winner of the Diamonds in 2000. His old school, Woodrow Wilson High, the only state (U.S.: public) school rowing program in the District of Columbia, won their heat of the Princess Elizabeth (Junior Men’s Eights).
The Windsor Boys’ School (pictured) lost their heat of the Princess Elizabeth to St Paul’s School. The flags show the strong headwind that was blowing directly down the course.

Pre-race briefings

Auriol Kensington, Wyfold (Club Men’s Coxless Fours).
St Paul’s School, Princess Elizabeth (Junior Men’s Eights).
Tideway Scullers, Wyfold (Club Men’s Coxless Fours).


From the Wild West…
From nearer to home…
And from the glens of Sydney, Australia (boys from the Scots College).

Gracious in victory…

Sir William Perkins’s School beating Shrewsbury School in a heat of the Diamond Jubilee (Junior Women’s Quad Sculls).
Perkins cross the finish line.
Thames RC winning their heat of the Britannia (Club Men’s Coxed Fours) against Molesey.
Marlow pictured after defeating The King’s School, Parramatta, Australia, in a heat of the Fawley (Junior Men’s Quad Sculls). 
The Hampton School crew that beat Brooks School, USA, in a heat of the Princess Elizabeth (Junior Men’s Eights).

Humble in defeat

Henley Rowing Club lost to Vesta Rowing Club in a heat of the Britannia (Club Men’s Coxed Fours).
Two of the Nottingham University crew that lost to Imperial College in a heat of the Temple (Student Men’s Eights).
Thames RC (top) beat Fulham Reach RC (below) in a heat of the Wyfold (Club Men’s Coxless Fours).

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