Time for Henley Women’s Regatta

The HWR 2022 poster is designed by Andy Tuohy.

17 June 2022

Today, Henley Women’s Regatta (HWR) starts with 184 clubs competing in 25 events on the famous Henley Reach.

Tideway Scullers School has most entries with 12 crews followed by three local clubs, Marlow Rowing Club (11), Henley Rowing Club (10) and Leander Club (9).

Among the foreign crews are the American schools Brown University and University of California Berkeley racing for the Ron Needs Challenge Cup for championship eights. These American crews will have 13 other crews to fight in this cup, including Oxford Brookes University who will try to defend their 2021 title. Other crews from outside the UK in this cup are University of British Columbia, Canada, and University College Dublin, Ireland – Canadian champions and Irish champions, respectively.

Another cup with international crews is the Haslam Trophy for championship lightweight double sculls. Among the nine entries, six crews are from abroad, Australia, Canada, Germany, Ireland and New Zealand.

On HWR’s website the organisers write that they are “delighted to see so many crews from across the UK, and the return of a sizeable overseas entry which has resulted in a record entry for HWR 2022.”

One consequence for this three-day regatta is that more time has to be spent on time trials to be able to knock down the entries for the side-by-side racing to 2 crews. On the website it reads:

“In order to be able to fit in the racing, we have made the difficult decision to reduce the number of crews progressing from the time trial for the following events:

  • all J18 events (8+, 4+, 4x, 2x, 1x) will have 12 crews progressing from the time trial to side-by-side racing
  • the Cathy Cruickshank Trophy for Academic 4- will have 12 crews progressing to side-by-side racing (eliminating three crews from the time trial)

As a women’s regatta we are prioritising the Championship events; these are guaranteed a time trial and at least one side by side race.”

The organisers continue to say:

“We do appreciate that this decision will be disappointing for some of the junior competitors, but we remain a women’s regatta and not a junior women’s regatta so must prioritise those events.”

During Thursday an International Reception was held at Leander Club. Photo: HWR Twitter.

As always, spectators are welcome to watch the races along the riverbanks. No tickets are required.

For those who are not able to attend the regatta, all three days offer live coverage. (All times are subject to change.):

Henley Women’s Regatta 2022 Live Stream – Day 1
Time trials from 0900 until after 1305 and 1850 until after 1910
Side-by-side racing from 1405 until 1837.

Henley Women’s Regatta 2022 Live Stream – Day 2
Time Trials from 0815 until 1030
Side-by-side racing from 1115 until 1811

Henley Women’s Regatta 2022 Live Stream – Day 3
Finals day. Side-by-side racing from 0850 until 1620. Prize-giving from 1645

Race results can be found here.


  1. John,

    Shorter than what? Henley Women’s (currently 1,500m) has never run the same distance as Henley Royal (2,112m) but why should every regatta with “Henley” in its title run over an unusually long course? Henley Masters is 1000m, Henley Town and Visitors is 800m. A longer course would also mean fewer events could be fitted in the already packed HWR schedule.

    Even if HWR wanted to run the so-called “full course”, its website explains that from its inception, “…HWR could not use the HRR enclosures or boat tents due to construction work… and, should bad weather delay the timetable for the regatta installations (as had happened in the past), the course would not be available.” I also understand that the Environment Agency would have problems with HWR running over 2,112m.

    Further, surely HWR strives to be a first-rate regatta in its own right, not a poor imitation of HRR, one reason that it never adopted a dress code etc?

    As to the volunteer commentators being “disappointing”, to talk engagingly for a short time is a great skill, to do it for two-and-a-half days is particularly demanding – especially during some earlier processional races. If you would like to volunteer your skills in this department, I’m sure that you would be most welcome.

    Best wishes,


    • TIm Thanks for getting right back to me. Had no idea it is a shorter course for HWR and appreciate the reasons why, although judging by the quality of rowing, HRR competitive distance would be great to see. I actually watched it on my I Phone in Asheville, N.C. The technical/video improvement in the coverage of rowing is finally giving the sport the visibility it deserves. Even USROWING has up the ante with big drones, etc. Looking forward to HRR soon. Been there, coxed Masters there. Glorious setting.

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