IOC Approves World Rowing Olympic Qualification System for the 2024 Games

For the Olympic rowing on Lake Casitas in 1984, the rowers were living at the University of California’s Santa Barbara campus. On campus was an Olympic Arts Festival rowing exhibition. Gallery Director David Farmer had managed to put together the exhibition thanks to rowing historian Tom Weil, who kindly had loaned out some objects from his private collection. For the exhibition came a fancy catalogue.

21 April 2022

World Rowing has announced that the International Olympic Committee Executive Board has approved the World Rowing Olympic Qualification System for the Games in Paris in 2024.

For rowing, the Paris Games will have spots available for 251 women and 251 men for the 14 Olympic boat classes. There will be three opportunities to qualify for the Olympic regatta: the 2023 World Rowing Championships in Belgrade, Serbia, on 3-10 September 2023; four Continental Qualification Regattas in Asia/Oceania, Africa, Americas and Europe; and the Final Olympic Qualification Regatta, which will take place in May 2024 in Lucerne, Switzerland.

World Rowing will confirm the locations and dates of the Continental Qualification Regattas by the end of this year. World Rowing will also announce the exact dates for the Final Olympic Qualification Regatta on Rotsee at a later date.

Three-hundred-thirty-six athletes will have the opportunity to qualify for the 2024 Olympic regatta at the 2023 World Championships while 64 athletes will have the opportunity to qualify through the Continental Qualification Regattas. Ninety-six athletes will have a last chance to get an Olympic spot at the regatta in Lucerne.

World Rowing writes that after each of the qualification regattas, the organisation “will confirm to the respective NOCs [National Olympic Committees], based on the results, that they have obtained a quota place. From this, the NOC must indicate that they will accept the qualified boats within 14 days. If an NOC does not accept a qualification place, the place will go to the next highest placed eligible boat in the regatta where the unused qualification was made.”

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