In the Spirit of the Moment

10 April 2022

By Philip Kuepper

The spirit’s idea of fun,
and mine,
were proving not to dovetail.
It lifted my cap
off my head, and, using it
like a frisbee,
flung it out to sea.
There it lay
capping white a wave,
which the wave seemed to find
quite dashing,
and floated away with it.
I was livid with the spirit.
It was my favorite cap.
A gaff hook, a gaff hook,
my cap, for a gaff hook!
I fumed, as the spirit
danced about, gleefully.
I was in no mood to endure a jester.
Then the moment passed.
The spirit dissipated.
Still, my cap, my cap.
Oh, well. May the wave wear it,
and wear it well.

(28 February 2022)

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