A Tideway Week Album: The Oxford Men

The Oxford Men’s Blue Boat is shadowed by the OUBC launch, Bosporos. The first Bosporos did sterling work for many years, and this is the second Oxford craft so named, launched in 1994.

2 April 2022

By Tim Koch

Tim Koch follows in some big puddles.

Going afloat. Is the choice of footwear (boots, sliders or bare feet) an indicator of toughness?
A relaxed looking Oxford.
The 2022 Oxford Men’s Blue Boat Crew.
Cox Jack Tottem (BA History), a Coupe de la Jeunesse European junior medallist, is making his Boat Race debut. Stroke man Tobias Schröder (MPhil History of Science) won Gold for Great Britain at the 2021 World Rowing Under-23 Championships and is the only returning Blue.
Behind Schröder at “7” is Angus Groom (DPhil Medical Sciences). Groom was in the GB quad for the last two Olympics, coming fifth at Rio 2016 and winning Silver at Tokyo 2020.
Swiss Olympian Roman Röösli (MSc Water Science) is at “5”. He competed in the quad at Rio and the double sculls at Tokyo. At “6” is Charlie Elwes (Medical Ethics), winner of a Bronze with the GB Eight at Tokyo.
American Olympian and Harvard alum Liam Corrigan (MSc Economics) sits in the Bow seat. At “2” is former Harvard rower, HRR winner and British U23 Gold and Silver medallist, David Ambler (MSc Social Science of the Internet). Barnabé Delarze (MBA), another Swiss Olympian, is at “3”. In the “4” seat is Australian U23 International, Jack Robertson (MSc Sociology).
In Fulham Reach.
Downstream of Hammersmith Bridge.
At Hammersmith Pier.
A break at Chiswick before turning.
Approaching Barn Elms Boathouse and South Bank Sailing Club.
Passing Barn Elms, a community rowing centre
OUBC Men’s Coach, Sean Bowden, with Coxing Coach and OUBC Chair, Seb Pearce. Sean has been Chief Coach since 1997 and his first win in 2000 put an end to Cambridge’s seven-year winning streak. Prior to joining Oxford, Sean had been the Head Coach of the British Lightweight Rowing Team and a Team GB Olympic coach. He also coached winning Cambridge crews in 1993 and 1994.
Passing London’s “Boathouse Row”, Putney Embankment.
Not at sixes and sevens: Elwes and Groom.
At 3, 4 and 5: Delarze, Robertson and Röösli. 
Ambler at 2 does some blade bending.
The final burst of the outing.
On Thursday, the Dark Blue duo of Holden Eaton and Joe Rosenfeld easily won the “Spare Pairs” race. Picture: Facebook/@SPSRowing. 
The lineup for Sunday – Let Battle Commence. Graphic: The Boat Race Magazine 2022 BRCL/Row360.
The 2022 Boat Race magazine, a wonderfully produced work by Row360, is available for free download.

The 2022 Gemini Boat Race will take place on Sunday 3 April, the Women’s Race starting at 14:23 GMT and the Men’s Race starting at 15:23 GMT.

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