Rowing Commentary Training Day

1 April 2022

Olympic commentators Robert Treharne Jones and Peter O’Hanlon from have announced the next in their series of rowing commentary training days. 

It’s going to be held in Henley on Saturday 9 April, but because it’s a hybrid event you can choose to join in-person or on-line – the price is the same either way! Because they’ve scheduled it between 1200 and 1600 BST it means that those in Europe and across the Atlantic can all join them in real time. If that’s still a problem then they’ll be recording the whole event to watch later, so that everyone can feel part of the action. 

Robert Treharne Jones (left) and Peter O’Hanlon are leading the commentators’ training day.

This course is especially for those new to rowing commentary, so if you think you know it all, feel free to forward this email to your friends. On the other hand, you might want to join them to meet up with old friends and refresh your skills, as it may be a while since you last did any commentary of your own!  They are using Eventbrite as a booking system, so just click here for an application form, where you can read a great deal more about what they hope to achieve on 9 April.

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