Phil Marshall New Head Coach of the Canadian National Team

Phil Marshall has been appointment as Head Coach of the Canadian National Team. Photo: Rowing Canada Aviron website © Merijn Soeters

10 December 2021

By Göran R Buckhorn

‘Tis still the season for High-Performance Directors and Coaches.

Yesterday, Rowing Canada Aviron (RCA) announced that Phil Marshall has been appointment as Head Coach of the National Team programs. Marshall will have oversight of the coaching team and provide technical direction both to the Olympic and Paralympic programs.

Marshall has more than 20 years’ experience of coaching on all levels of rowing, most recently Caileigh Filmer and Hillary Janssens in the women’s pair. They took an Olympic bronze medal at the Tokyo Games this summer.

RCA wrote in a statement that “The two-time Olympic coach has been instrumental in the development of up-and-coming Canadian coaches and athletes while also building relationships with provincial, national, and international sport partners. Phil was recently awarded the 2021 Coaching Excellence Award by the Coaching Association of Canada.”

“I am thrilled to be moving into the role of Head Coach and leading the team to Paris in 2024,” said Marshall. “I am grateful to RCA for the opportunity to be a part of the leadership team working with athletes and coaches to deliver our collective performance goals. We are tasked with building a foundation for sustainable success.”

Terry Dillon, RCA’s Chief Executive Officer, said: “We conducted an extensive Head Coach recruitment process with highly qualified candidates from both inside and outside of Canada.Our recent successes in Tokyo were supported by Canadian coaches and this appointment reinforces our commitment to invest in our existing coaches and grow more of the same.”

Besides Phil Marshall, the High-Performance Leadership Team include Director of High-Performance Operations Adam Parfitt, NextGen Lead Chuck McDiarmid, Sport Science Manager Jordan Clarke and Sport Medicine Manager Tricia McBride.

“I am really looking forward to the next few years with Phil Marshall as the new Head Coach,” said Olympic rower Jill Moffatt. “Phil operates with a high level of respect for others, works collaboratively with athletes, coaches and staff, and empowers athletes to be the best version of themselves. He understands rowing in Canada, and I think that this Canadian perspective will help build the program in a sustainable and meaningful way for years to come.”

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