Remembering Charlie Hamlin

Charlie Hamlin at #4 in the U.S. Eight at the 1969 European Championships in Klagenfurt, Austria. Photo courtesy Bill Miller.

22 October 2021

By Bill Miller

I first met Charlie Hamlin at the Eastern Development Camp in Boston. In the summer of 1968, the NAAO decided to try a mini-camp to gather a group of rowers from various colleges and see if international crews could be developed. Rowers from Wisconsin, Princeton, Yale, Dartmouth, Northeastern, Boston University, Harvard and a few other colleges gathered at MIT to compete for seats in two coxless fours and two coxed pairs. The four boats would go on to the Olympic Trials in Long Beach, California.

Charlie was one of the rowers who participated. Immediately, everyone recognized Charlie as one of the friendliest and most affable in the group of about thirty candidates. Seat racing progressed and two fours and two pairs were selected to enter the Olympic Trials. Charlie nailed the #2 seat in one of the fours and won the Olympic Trials. They placed 5th in Mexico City.

In 1969, the Union Boat Club won the eight at the National Championships and the right to race in the European Rowing Championship in Klagenfurt, Austria. Charlie sat in the #4 seat.

He was admired for his easygoing demeanor and sense of humor. Again, Charlie was a favorite among the rowers on the U.S. Team. He’s been a wonderful friend for over fifty years.

Charlie Hamlin, born 28 March 1947, died 23 May 2021

Please, see also Tom Weil’s article “Charlie Hamlin – The Master’s Voice”, published on 22 October 2021.

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